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Tracey Ward

Meet Tracey

Tracey’s goal is to transform the lives of at least a million people globally.

For business, Tracey helps leaders, executives and teams unleash the transformative and life-changing power of high-level conversation and enhanced communication skills to influence, motivate and engage the people around them.

Tracey is passionate about helping women globally – through coaching, courses and inspiration – to rediscover the best version of themselves so they can move forward with impact, authenticity and joy.

With over 15 years executive coaching and facilitation in white collar environments such as Macquarie Bank, KPMG, AMP and Telstra through to the more practical end of town such as Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services, Salmat and Toll Logistics, Tracey has tremendous flexibility to tailor a message to elicit change in those she connects with.

Meet Adam

Tracey’s business partner Adam Dobson is a business professional and consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute too, with 15 years’ consulting and coaching experience. Adam has empowered hundreds of people to name and claim, what they “really” want out of life, and then showed them how to get it.

As an Entrepreneur who has started and run a multitude of businesses from Tech, Recruitment, Transport and Property, in various countries, Adam knows what it takes to WIN, both emotionally and mentally to get what you truly desire in life.

Adam has the unique ability of drawing out in others what they often can’t bring to the surface themselves and get them playing their “A game“, not settling for a lesser version of themselves. With the right coaching, tools, strategies and support from Adam at the right time and in the right way, his  coaching clients enjoy quantum leaps in their lives, achieving things even they thought weren’t possible.

Adam Dobson

For Business

Tracey Ward is a communications specialist with 25 plus years experience unleashing the power of communication within blue-chip organisations and for individual executives.

Tracey unlocks exponential growth for teams, transforming them with the power of conversation and high-level communication skills.
Experience executive coaching and workshops that will not just let you see the bigger picture but help you to shape it.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

For the individual, one-on-one coaching is the perfect avenue to help them master their conversational skills.



For management or teams within an organization, our workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the audience.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

We drive home valuable insight that makes the audience sit up and take note.

For Women

Transformational Training

When you’ve reached the end of one road, the first step onto a new path doesn’t always come easy. Big changes mean big decisions. Tracey has helped so many people to connect back in with what truly matters to them.

Career Coaching

It’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re in the thick of things. Whether you’re looking to fast track your career path, take on new responsibilities or just to find the zigs when everyone else is zagging, executive coaching gives you clear, calm insight on how to maximise your opportunities and potential.

Online Courses

Tracey has two courses, “Worrying to Wonderful” and “Quantum Leap, Leadership for Women”. Both courses are packed with the best tools and techniques Tracey has developed from 15 + years of coaching women from all walks and stage of life. The courses are transformational and delivered in a way that moves people to take  action and get results in every area of their lives, at home and at work. Click below to LEARN MORE.

I GET U .. the app is now LIVE!!

The IGETU App is a unique communication & conversation App developed by Tracey Ward that is available on both IOS and Android. The App allows users to establish their unique communication style in minutes, as well as the styles of their friends and colleagues, with tips and guides on how to elevate conversations to a much higher level.

The BOOK – on Kindle and Audiobook!

Being Perfectly Imperfect is an exceptional life guide and coaching that takes women through a step-by-step process to ensure they live, love, and sparkle in every area of their lives with confidence and joy.

 It shows you how to silence that annoying inner chatter and teaches you how to invite more money and fun into your life without compromising YOU!


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