Over the past 15 years Tracey Ward has coached thousands of women to rediscover the glint in their eye. Tracey’s unique mix of frankness, good sense and humour will inspire you to reignite the vitality and self confidence that is the foundation of feeling relevant, connected and energised again. Tracey will share the tools and techniques she has learned and developed over the past 15 years that will empower you to release the conditioning, silence the negative and allow your inner self to shine. At home, at work and most importantly, with yourself.

Transformational Coaching

When you’ve reached the end of one road, the first step onto a new path doesn’t always come easily. Big changes mean big decisions. Tracey has helped so many people to connect back in with what truly matters to them. Using transformational coaching to identify the values, motivations and priorities that makes those brave decisions and next steps intuitive, instinctive and inevitable.

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Career Coaching

It’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re in the thick of things. Whether you’re looking to fast track your career path, take on new responsibilities or just to find the zigs when everyone else is zagging, executive coaching gives you clear, calm insight on how to maximize your opportunities and potential. Tracey brings years of hard-won corporate experience and insight to detach you from the everyday minutiae cluttering your radar. In only a few short sessions she will give you the clarity to be able to move forward with confidence and direction.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Tracey offers engaging and life changing keynote speaking for women’s conferences and events covering a wide range of topics aimed at helping women become inspired to be the woman they always wanted to be.

Through engaging story-telling and sharing of her own journey, she brings together her years of experience coaching women from all walks of life to share the essential skills that motivate change, embracing fun and joy along the way.

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Worrying to Wonderful!

Worrying to Wonderful is a 12 week online program that puts you back in charge of your life, your goals & your dreams. You really can have it all when you make YOU the priority again.

Whether you are looking to rise to the top, build your own business, be in a more loving relationship; any aspect of your life can be transformed. We start by creating more time for you, and then use this time to guide you through the program, building you, to be the savvy successful woman you were always meant to be, in ALL aspects of your life.

You are not alone! Tracey will be with you every step of the way, to guide and support you to get you the results you desire.

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Gain a greater sense of control and reduce your stress

Well, unless you have been camping in the Gobi Desert, you will no doubt have been psychologically affected by the coronavirus. There is a lot of uncertainty and change in the air which is naturally unsettling and can cause us stress.

What is your connection to the story you are telling? 

I was out and about on Saturday wandering along a row of shops waiting for a girlfriend who was running late, and I am always early. 

Laughter is the best medicine

When I left university my first career role was selling advertising space in computer magazines, admittedly not the sexiest role I have ever had.

Business is a game and it’s time women knew how to play the game

With just about every woman I coach who works in business I find myself having the same conversations and one in particular is around the ‘game of business’