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Compassion with a twist

Compassion with a twist. Something to thnk about over Christmas.

Two Roles

Two Roles There are two roles we need to carry out at work, and unless you are a career savvy individual it’s likely you aren’t aware of the…

Personal Brand

Personal Brand We all have a personal brand, we walk around displaying it all day, the question we need to ask ourselves is… is this brand serving..


Similarities The power of similarities is fascinating it's a simple yet powerful way to connect with someone on a deeper level instantly.

Building Trust

Building Trust We all buy from people we trust, yet few of us stop to think what does that mean and what should we do on a regular basis to establish…

I GET U .. the app is now LIVE!!

The IGETU App is a unique communication & conversation App developed by Tracey Ward that is available on both IOS and Android. The App allows users to establish their unique communication style in minutes, as well as the styles of their friends and colleagues, with tips and guides on how to elevate conversations to a much higher level.

The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation™ will help you discover your personal Conversation M.O.D.E.™ – minder, director, organiser, enthusiast – whilst teaching you how to tailor your conversational styles for different audiences and mediums. By learning to strike a balance between the three components of conversation – thinking, doing and saying.


7 Tips to make you feel appreciated again Today!