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Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Leadership Power Switch Program

This 5-module program has helped frontline leaders and managers around the world to be more strategic, adopt a new way of leading their teams to increase productivity, gain confidence as an authentic leader, make better decisions, reduce stress and switch from simply managing others to inspiring others.

Practical workshops to help your teams communicate with impact.

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Communications Workshops

Interactive workshops designed to improve communications in the workplace through theory, practice and peer feedback. Has helped teams build confidence, avoid misunderstanding, improve decision making and increase sales.

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Leadership/Executive Coaching

Coaching designed to help current and aspiring female leaders to gain clarity, confidence and buy in to drive value in their organisation. They will learn tools and techniques to lead, inspire and motivate their team.

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Quantum Leap Leadership Program

9-week program designed to help female employees strive for leadership positions and take on more senior roles. The weekly webinars are during lunch to fit busy schedules. Game-changing content that delivered results through multiple participant feedback.

Meet Tracey!

Hello, I’m Tracey – a career/executive coach, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator based in Sydney Australia. 

I have over 20 years of experience working with organisations such as Commonwealth Bank, KPMG, AMP, Telstra, Toll Logistics and The Skin Hospital. 

Through practical workshops, I’ve helped teams build confidence, avoid misunderstanding, improve decision making, foster collaboration and ultimately achieve better results for the organisation.

To discuss how I could help you support your employees, please get in touch.