About the Mission

Our goal is to transform the lives of at least a million people globally.

Unleash the transformative and life-changing power of high-level conversation and enhanced communication skills to influence, motivate and engage the people in your life.

Rediscover the best version of yourself so you can move forward with impact, authenticity and joy.

About Tracey

Conversations cascade across our careers and lives. Touching everyone we engage with and shaping how people perceive us, and how they react to us.  

Tracey Ward is a communications specialist who will teach you to harness the power of conversation and high-level communication skills to influence, motivate and engage the people in your life. At home, at work, and most importantly, with yourself. 

With over 15 years executive coaching and facilitation in white collar environments such as Macquarie Bank, KPMG, AMP and Telstra through to the more practical end of town such Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services, Salmat and Toll Logistics, Tracey has tremendous flexibility to tailor a message to elicit change in those she connects with.

In particular, clients engage Tracey to: 

  • Build their person brand
  • Develop the emotional intelligence of their team
  • Unite their teams and reduce conflict
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Present ideas in a way people say yes to
  • Get hired/promoted
  • Enhance the culture of an organisation

Tracey has a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment and an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering and is LSI accredited.

Tracey is the creator of the App IgetU – The app that will instantly help you have better conversations with just about anyone.

Tracey is the co-author of the book “Being Perfectly Imperfect”.

She also has two teenage children, who are still lovely, yes teenagers can be lovely and has managed to amicably separate from her husband in such a way that they are still good friends and fiercely co-parent to support their children. 

Tracey also has two dogs and claims no real communication success with either….

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.


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