What you get

MOJO Makeover!

The MOJO Makeover is a self-paced, online program you can do in the comfort of your own home. You will be guided through 9 steps over 9 weeks.

Each session has a guiding video and easy to understand program material that takes you through powerful techniques to help you find you once again.

An empowering programme for busy women giving you:

  • More time
  • More energy
  • More friends
  • More money
  • More Peaceful
  • & More fun !

How it is delivered

Online Course

When you enrol you will be directed to set up your online course account.  When you are ready, simply log in for each course module via our Log In page to access the video’s and course materials.  You will get email reminders from Tracey each week letting you know what is happening and coming up next.

2 Weekly video calls

Each week there will be two video calls where Tracey will discuss the module for that week and give some helpful guidance for how to tackle the tasks she has set for you to do.  You’ll have a chance to ask Tracey questions if you need to.

Invite to MOJO Makeover Private Facebook Group

You’ll be invited to join Tracey’s private Mojo Makeover Facebook group which will help you to connect with other course participants and a growing community of like-minded women.


MOJO Makeover!

Congratulations on deciding to invest in YOU!  We are so looking forward to you joining us on this incredible journey.


How long does the course take?

The course takes nine weeks and it’s one module per week.  The course has been designed to take you on a journey of exploration helping you reconnect with you once again; each module builds on the previous week taking you through the process step by step

How will the course be delivered to me?

Each week you will receive via email a new module which contains a simple workbook of content along with practical exercises for that week designed to help you transform your life in tangible ways.  Each module is accompanied with an introductory video to set you up for success for that session.  You are sent each module at the start of the week and you are free to complete this any time that suits you.  Once you receive the modules you will have permanent access to them, they all contain great life skills and are well worth revisiting.

Plus, you’ll have access to two 40 mins video conferences where you are able to connect directly with Tracey Ward the founder of OMG.  The aim of these conference calls is to set you up with the right mind set for each module and support you in achieving your goals for the week, these are run Monday and Friday at 12 noon and a recording is available to you if you can’t make those times.

What happens if I miss a week?

Firstly, don’t panic, nothing on the course is too onerous that you can’t catch up the following week by completing two weeks in one, it’s not what we recommend but it’s certainly doable.  What we do want you to do is commit to valuing you and that means putting this course as a priority in the week, because you are the priority.  We are always here to help, just send us an email. If something unforeseen occurs that completely throws you off balance such as an illness by all means we can put your course on hold, then reconnect you with a following cohort when the timing is better for you.

How much time per week will I need?

Ignoring the video conferences which are optional, you will need 30 mins to read each module and 10 mins to watch the video, the exercises can be drip fed into your week, they require you to ponder over concepts through-out the week and the actual time completing the exercises would be under an hour.  We totally understand some of you are super busy with the demands of life which is why in the first two modules we actually help you find MORE time for you.

I’m not feeling very motivated, should I wait?

No, absolutely not, this is what we are here for. The program is designed to help you feel more energised and motivated about life once again, just trust the process and see what happens.

I haven’t studied in ages; I’m worried this will be too high level for me?

Please don’t worry, this is a REALLY practical program with very little writing, and if you do have to write, you are simply capturing your thoughts in your journal which is just for you to read, a powerful process never the less.  Remember you have the two video conferences each week where you can ask Tracey Ward questions, either privately or via the group, or you can send us an email we are here to support you.

Is there a refund if I am not happy with the course?

Yes, we will happily refund you if you are not happy with the course.


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