Leadership Power Switch Program

Program Overview

The Leadership Power Switch Program is designed to help frontline leaders switch to a leadership mindset so that they can drive results, manage their team and be more effective.

This 5-module program has helped frontline leaders and managers around the world to be more strategic, adopt a new way of leading their teams to increase productivity, gain confidence as an authentic leader, make better decisions, reduce stress and switch from simply managing others to inspiring others.

Module 1: Switch Up Your Business Game Plan

Learn how to dial-up your understanding of the organisation so that you can be more strategic in aligning your team’s objectives to the organisation’s overall goals. An organisation is more powerful when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

I’ll show you how you can:
✔️ Dial up your understanding of your organisation.
✔️ Start implementing the 3 C-me steps to get recognised.
✔️ Develop your communication skills and presentation skills.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Module 2: Switch Up Your Team’s Performance

How well do you know your team? In this module, you’ll learn to identify the different skill sets and strengths of your team members so you can optimise the overall productivity of the team. Switch from doing to being an effective leader who leverages the work power of the team.

I’ll show you how you can:
✔️ Revolutionise your leadership approach by adopting the team brain matrix.
✔️ Learn how to engage and motivate people from different generations. Did you know that Gen Z is at risk?
✔️ Drive the intrinsic motivation of the team to increase productivity.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Module 3: Switch On Your Best Leadership

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence, you’ll learn to define your leadership strengths, identify development opportunities, switch to a growth mindset and ultimately have the confidence to lead with your authentic self. Confident leaders boost the confidence of their team to achieve more.

I’ll show you how you can:
✔️ Leverage your emotional intelligence to become the best version of you, at home and at work.
✔️ Embrace a growth mindset to foster innovation and enhanced productivity.
✔️ Learn to silence your Imposter Syndrome to build your confidence as a leader.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Module 4: Switch To Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Learn practical strategies for yourself and for your team to create healthy boundaries, build resilience, manage stress and avoid burnout.
Look after yourself and your team’s well-being in order to sustain high performance and reduce turnover.

I’ll show you how you can:
✔️ Supercharge your career and life with healthy boundaries.
✔️ Embrace ‘No’, freeing you to say ‘YES’ more.
✔️ Create thinking space through the three R’s.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Module 5: Switch from Managing to Inspiring

Create greater buy-in, build genuine connections and engage with your team so you can inspire them to be their best and drive positive results. Learn how to provide a healthy, safe and fun environment for your team to flourish! Create a team that everybody wants to be a part of.

I’ll show you how you can:
✔️ Develop the art of persuasion and create greater buy-in from your team.
✔️ Build greater trust in the team, increasing the retention of the team.
✔️ Bring in the human element of appreciation, celebration and fun to the workplace.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

You'll get everything you need

Content On Demand

I know you’re busy, so I’m giving you the freedom to access the program when and where it suits you! You can also revisit all the modules to embed key ideas and deepen your understanding.

All lessons come with a pdf workbook containing the transcripts, activity sheets and extra resources. These are designed to help you get the most out of the program by reinforcing your key learnings through practice and application.

Online Learning Portal
Access all your program materials in one place so you can easily navigate through the content and be more effective!

Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions (additional service)
Organisations looking to arrange an in-house program just for their employee cohort can add in group coaching sessions as an additional service to the program. Each week, we’ll unpack the modules and discuss how you can apply them in your leadership and start seeing results immediately! I’ll run these sessions and you’ll get an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Plus, when you invest in the Leadership Power Switch program, you'll also get these BONUSES to support your leadership career!

Bonus 1: Personal Coaching Session with Tracey

I personally want you to succeed which is why you get one exclusive 30-minute, 1:1 coaching session with me.

Imagine being able to share your goals and challenges with me directly so you can get tailored advice and immediate results!

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

Bonus 2: Power Up Your Communication

You’ll learn valuable skills to completely transform how you communicate to your team, colleagues, and senior leaders in this 4-part mini-course. Master the art of communications to instantly create connections and build strong relationships.

Tracey Ward - Leadership Power Switch

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