Quantum Leap Leadership Program


Almost half (47.1%) of all employed persons in Australia are women.*

However, women still only hold (14.1%) of chair positions and (26.8%) of directorships, Why? The reason often comes down to inadvertently tackling the symptoms and not the cause.

*Gender workplace statistics at a glance 2020 Australian Bureau of statistics 


Program overview

‘Quantum Leap’ is a transformational leadership program for women. A 9-week format designed to help female employees strive for leadership positions and take on more senior roles. 

The webinars are made up of women from different businesses and industries. This gives participants the opportunity to connect and network with a diverse group of leaders, sharing invaluable experiences and insights. 

Businesses can also arrange a separate program specifically to support aspiring women leaders within their organisation.


Quantum Leap Leadership Program for Companies

Companies can arrange a separate in-house program just for their employees. Contact us to find out more.


Program at a glance

  • Unlimited career coaching sessions tailored to each individual needs
  • 1-hour weekly webinar in an engaging and interactive Zoom format
  • Short, practical, yet life-changing activities and exercises each week
  • Convenient lunchtime timetable to fit busy schedules
  • Game-changing content that delivers results verified through multiple feedback
  • Easy to access content and webinar recordings available through the training platform


Understand the cause to support women

The way women perceive themselves and their role, both at work and at home can have an impact on leadership. In wanting to do the “right thing”, women often “over-think”, “over-care” and sometimes even “over-control” leading to a feeling that they are failing with standards set so high on so many fronts.

This often leads to burnout or a “confidence gap” when they feel they are not meeting these standards at home or in the workplace.

By the time women reach middle management, they are often exhausted and start questioning their ability. They are already working so “hard”, they simply can’t see how they could possibly go to the next level. This is where the real issue lies.

To help more women strive for and attain senior leadership roles, organisations need to understand the cause and provide support to help change the way women perceive themselves and their roles in life. A leadership program needs to address these causes to affect a transformational shift in women.

Workshop structure

Quantum Leap is designed to help businesses support and empower female leaders in their organisation.

Each week, we’ll cover different topics from goal setting, strategic thinking, personal brand and communication to help your current or aspiring leaders gain clarity, confidence and charisma to drive value in your organisation.

To find out more about the Quantum Leap program, download our brochure.

Caroline McConnachie – General Manager

“Well where do I start, I’m sleeping again, (I had chronic insomnia), I’m thriving not just surviving at work, I have been promoted with a major pay increase, I’m having more fun, I’ve found my voice at work, home and socially, I have a roadmap for my career, I would absolutely give Tracey a 10/10”

Andrea Gardiner – Jelix Ventures, founder and board director

“I was stuck; I knew I wanted to return to work after some years off raising my children, I had a good idea of what I did not want to do (return to the law or investment banking) but was unclear about what I did want to do. Tracey led me through a powerful self-exploration process that literally “unstuck” me. I am now enjoying my new work on a board, have another board appointment and I am clear and happy about the direction I am heading in. I am immensely grateful to Tracey.”

Kellie King, CEO – Lean Automation

“Tracey helped me get a whopping 35% increase in my salary. She inspired me to ask for the “biggest number i could think of without blushing” and go for it. There is no way I could have done that with the brilliance of Tracey, helping me work on me.”

Want to know more about the Quantum Leap Leadership Program?


What’s the time commitment, our employees have a busy schedule.

The total time commitment is only 1.5 hours each week: 1 hour webinar and approximately 30 minutes of ACTION exercises. In week 2, our activity is designed to help women manage their time effectively through delegation and simplification.

Is this program only for leaders?

This program is designed for professional women wanting to step up or are already in leadership positions. 

If your organisation is looking to support and empower female employees to become leaders, we can help.

What’s involved?

WEEKLY WEBINARS involves short, practical activities and exercises

RECODED LESSONS – Each weekly lesson will be available to view at any time via individual logins.

WORKBOOK – Downloadable workbook for each lesson that can be accessed anytime.

COACHING – Unlimited one-on-one coaching available throughout the course to support employees and drive results