Tracey Ward is a communications specialist with 25 plus years’ experience unleashing the power of communication within blue-chip organisations and for individual executives. Tracey unlocks exponential growth for teams, transforming them with the power of conversation and high-level communication skills. Experience executive coaching and workshops that will not just let you see the bigger picture but help you to shape it.

Just some of the ambitious organizations that have engaged with Tracey to unlock the power of communication within their high-performance teams.

Executive Coaching &
Leadership Development

For the individual, one-on-one coaching is the perfect avenue to help them master their conversational skills.

Tailored to suit the needs of the individual, learn how to quickly identify roadblocks and find solutions to open yourself up for career success.

This personal coaching is ideal for those who either have great influence in their organisation or need to become more influential.


For management or teams within an organisation, our workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the audience with a duration from two hours to three days.

Our workshops offer a great opportunity to look in-depth at your business relationships and the impact communication has on them. Participants reflect upon and come to understand the impact their communication style has on others. Fast-paced and highly interactive, the key focus is on communication.

Activities are designed to encourage honest self-reflection and develop new strategies and techniques to enhance relationships and lead by example.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Who would have thought our conversational blunders could be enlightening and entertaining at the same time? 

We take the stage by storm with numerous stories, tips and tricks that make any of our keynotes highly memorable and incredibly useful. We drive home valuable insight that makes the audience sit up and take note. 

Our passion for creating change in others to better their conversations shows with the practical nature of the tips we share. 

These are not just chalk and talk sessions; these are life lessons everyone should hear. 

Contact us today and bring your team closer to unleashing the power of communication.


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