5 Power Steps To Avoid Burnout

To avoid hitting the burnout wall, and instead, discover more time for yourself, practice these 5 Power Steps DAILY.

Power Step 1 – Avoid accumulating stress.
Close off your stress cycle EVERY day. You have to let your body know that you are safe.
Dance, belly laugh, exercise, hug someone gorgeous for at least 20 seconds!

Power Step 2 – Discover more time in the day for you.
Start scheduling your day.

  • When to start work?
  • When to finish work?
  • When to play?
  • When to sleep?

Stick to these times as you would with a meeting with someone else.
Your time is precious, savour every second.

Power Step 3 – Cut down your workload and still be seen as successful.
Not everything has to be done today or done by you – delegate, simplify or dump.
Stop being a magnet for everyone else’s to-do list, remember to set boundaries!

Power Step 4 – Reduce the number of problems you own.
It’s time to purchase jewellery, crystals, or any three of a kind to remind you whose problem it is.

  • Mine?
  • Yours?
  • Ours?

And if someone comes to you with a problem, get into the habit of asking for a possible solution first. Remember, you are empowering them to think!

Power Step 5 – Be curious.

Listen out for your ‘should’ statements. What is that word telling you? And if you scored high on perfectionism, seek ways to pull back. Remember, you are enough NOW.


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