Laughter is the best

Laughter is the best medicine

When I left university my first career role was selling advertising space in computer magazines, admittedly not the sexiest role I have ever had.

The thing is, despite cold calling, over the phone, day in day out, we laughed daily.

And, I loved going to work.  Even on those cold wintery English days trudging up the London Underground escalator with the 1000’s of other commuters, I had a smile on my face anticipating the laughter that would ensue that day.

One particular day our ‘fun’ was a competition to get the word ‘hedgehog’ into our sales pitch, no easy feat given we are selling advertising space in computer magazines.  I managed it three times, yes three times, one of those achievements I’m really proud that no-one else gets, I laughed so much I nearly wet my knickers, you know, that fabulous belly laugh that you can feel the next day.

We were encouraged to have fun, and we had fun and laughed.  The fun and laughter was a brilliant tonic that kept us resilient against what most would admin the tough role of cold calling.

We talk so much about resilience at work, mental health at work, stress at work and yet I don’t hear people talking about laughter and fun.

I say it’s time to laugh more at work, bring back the hedgehogs!