Closing The Gap: How You Can Be An Even Better People Leader

I have no doubt you care deeply about your employees. 

As a people leader, I’m sure you’ve launched wonderful initiatives in your career to help and develop your employees, including development opportunities for your frontline leaders to improve their productivity, innovation and productiveness…

But before you enrol them into another traditional leadership program, stop and ask yourself, ‘does this program actually shift their behaviour?’

Does it switch their mindset and beliefs? 

Because if it doesn’t, you will not see a change in their behaviour. Instead, it will be money invested to make already busy leaders take 2 or 3 days away from their day jobs, to then return to their desk, their inbox and their old ways. 

Frontline leaders are the conduit between your organisation and your employees – it’s vital they keep everyone connected, empowered and engaged, especially with hybrid working here to stay. 

In a previous article, I highlighted the 3 reasons why you should care about your frontline leaders, and what you can do to help them. 

  1. Employees everywhere are leaving, and it could be because of your frontline leaders.
  2. Frontline leaders could be the unintentional bottlenecks of workflow in your organisation.
  3. Your frontline leaders might be heading for burnout, but you might be the last person to know.
Tracey Ward - Leadership

Don’t offer another band-aid solution

Frontline leaders are screaming out for help, so here’s an opportunity for you to offer practical support to be an even better people leader. 

Traditional leadership programs run over several days are completely saturated with leadership theory. The theory is valuable but knowing the theory rarely translates to behavioural change.

The challenge with traditional development programs comes down to the knowing-doing gap.

Understand the knowing-doing gap so you can close it.

Picture this…

You ‘know’ exercise is good for you, but even when we invest in a gym membership, that investment still might not be enough to get us to actually turn up. N.B. Most gyms’ business models are built on the theory most of us are ‘no shows’.

You ‘know’ a healthy diet is good for you and many of us start the new year with great intent, but by the time February rolls around, we typically go back to our old ways!

We ‘know’ what we should do, but we don’t do it. 

And what creates that gap between knowing and doing is our mindset and our beliefs.

Back to the gym example, if you really believe going to the gym is good for you, believe it’s enjoyable, believe it will change how you feel, believe the effort you put in will make a difference, then you will go to the gym, and it will be easy for you to actually exercise.

Development programs that close the knowing-doing gaps elicit real behavioural change.

With your hard-working frontline leaders, you need to switch their beliefs first around the role of leadership, how they should approach their team, how they should see themselves as leaders and the part they play in the organisation. 

ONLY once you’ve switched their mindset and beliefs, will you start to see a real positive change in leaders’ behaviour. 

This is where I come in and offer support through the Leadership Power Switch program

Designed specifically to help frontline leaders switch to a leadership mindset, this unique 5-hour program will help them drive better results, manage their team better and be more effective.

To easily fit busy schedules and see immediate results, the learnings are split into bite-sized modules with complementary coaching sessions and practical exercises. I will personally run these sessions, bringing over 20 years of experience as an international leadership and communication coach.

To discuss how we could work together to support your frontline leaders, call me on +61 413 590 074 or email [email protected]