Follow your instincts

Our instincts are our best guide in life yet for many of us we have stopped listening to our instincts (our gut feel) and instead we have let our rational mind (or not so rational mind) over ride.

Case in point, I was coaching Roberto a leader in a pharmaceutical company, he had several new reps join the company in the last year and was stressing out that they weren’t going to make the grade

‘What do your instincts say?’ I asked.

Roberto started a rambling conversation around the three new hires, targets, knowledge tests, politics, bosses, facts.

‘No’ I said, ‘what do your instincts say?’ I looked him straight in the eye. 

Roberto took a deep breath…

‘They are no good and they all need to go’ he replied. 

It was interesting seeing the difference in Roberto, when he tapped into his instincts, he was crystal clear on the answer, there was no waffle, no uncertainty.

I wonder in our busy lives have we lost the art of listening to our instincts? Have we allowed our rational mind to override?

Before you make your next decision, take a breath and pause and see what your instincts tell you.