Where did I put my glasses?

A quick trip to the supermarket I say.  I’ll be in and out in 10 minutes, I say.  I only need to grab a couple of items, one of them being a low sugar peanut butter.  I find the peanut butter grab the jar, move my glasses from the fashionably perched position on top of my head down to my eyes and . . . . . gosh . . . my world suddenly went rather dark.   Hmmm….. my sunnies, not my reading glasses.  

After rummaging around my bag and coming up empty, I now begin the “stretch my arm out as long as I can and hope that I can somehow focus on the fine print” but, dang if that fine print was just all too fine.  Realising this trip may not be the quick “in and out” I hoped it would be, I asked the woman next to me if she could help.  ‘Oh, hang on’ she said “I’ll have to get my glasses” with a smile on her face. She rummaged in her bag, and then rummaged around a little more, but to no avail.  She looked up at me, kind of lost, “oh I’ve forgotten my glasses too’, we laughed. She also tried the extended arm technique but still no clarity.  

During our lovely interaction we discovered that not only had we both left our glasses at home we had also both left our shopping lists at home too.  It was beautiful to laugh at the quirkiness of our era.

Next time you forget your glasses, can’t find your glasses /phone / bag, just smile to yourself in the comfort that you are very much NOT alone.